Caning & Rush
Hand and French Caning: The web is woven by hand (example is shown on the left), using only authentic , high grade quality materials. Cane is the outside part of rattan, a palm which is imported from India, China, and the Malay Peninsula. All cane is glossy on one side. The glossy side is the top or outside depending on application. For weaving chair seats, cane is available in the following sizes: superfine, fine fine, fine, narrow medium , medium and common.

Pressed Caning: Cane webbing or pressed cane is used to reseat chairs if there is a groove in the seat frame. Reed spline is used to hold the cane webbing in place. Cane webbing can be used also for stools, cabinet and screen doors, folding screens, etc.

Fiber Rush (shown on the left): Fiber Rush is a man-made twisted paper material that is actually woven all around the chair seat using a method that takes it to the middle of seat. As a material it has a smooth texture; the bottom of the seat looks much like the top, although maybe not as neat. However fiber rush is much less expensive than genuine grass rush.

Genuine Rush: Genuine Rush is a natural hand-twisted material with the same weaving used as that for fibre rush.

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